Hello. This is Junko from MamaRazzi.
My German husband and I are parents of two young girls age 11 and 9. Since becoming a mother,
I have been addicted to taking pictures of our daughters. They grow up so quickly and I want to capture all the moments.
Collecting their pictures has become my hobby, which forms an important and fulfilling part of my life.  I love spending time looking at their pictures after they finally fall asleep…
The pictures are much more quiet than the real kids, which is one of the beauties of capturing moments with pictures ☺

In 2014, after our second daughter entered kindergarten, we launched MamaRazzi so that parents like us can have a place where they can
go often and have high quality picture taken as children grow so quickly.

The name MamaRazzi originates from my husband jokingly calling me a “MamaRazzi”, combining the words “mama” and “paparazzi”
as he was always seeing me chase with a camera after our children.

At “MamaRazzi”, we strive to capture and preserve your children’s childhood, happiness and loveliness
on high quality photographs that serve as a keepsake of lifetime memories. Hope we can make your parenting 100 times more fun through our pictures!

MamaRazzi Founder
Junko Addicks