• 1.appointment
  • 2.preparation
  • 3.photo shoot
  • 4.choose photos
  • 5.purchase
  • 6.receive photos

★Please understand before making an appointment★

All purchased images need to be downloaded from your personal PC.

STEP 1. Appointment

You can make an appointment from the booking page on this web site.
If you prefer t by phone or SMS (+65 8122 7385), please provide the following information.

  1. 1.Name
  2. 2.Phone number
  3. 3.Preferred date and time
  4. 4.Plan
[WD]S$68 [WE・PH]S$98
Newborn(within 2 weeks)
[WD]S$500 [WE・PH]S$600
Kid(1 kid)
[WD]S$38 [WE・PH]S$58
Kids(2 or more kids)
[WD]S$58 [WE・PH]S$78
[WD]S$68 [WE・PH]S$98
Outdoor Family, Light(30 min)
[WD]S$350 [WE・PH]S$450
Outdoor Family, Special(60 min)
[WD]S$500 [WE・PH]S$600
  1. 5.Option
Cake smash (including cake and props)
Customized balloon
  1. 6.Main shooting reason (e.g. 1st birthday etc. )
  2. 7.Child’s age and gender
  3. 8.Number of adult

Please choose the time your child has a good temper (not hungry nor sleepy).

STEP 2. Preparation

Please feel free to bring a couple of clothes if you like as you can change during the session.
It is recommended for all family member to wear similar colors of clothes and avoid cloth with patterns outstand more than your face.
Also for shooting at Botanic Garden, please avoid green color clothes because you will look too similar to the background.

  • sample
  • sample
  • sample
  • sample

STEP 3. Shooting

Please come on time otherwise your shooting time will be shorter.
We will propose a variety of poses, but if you have any preferred poses or sample images, please feel free to let us know.

STEP 4. Choosing Picture

We will send an online gallery where you can see all images within one week from the shooting.
The online gallery can be seen on your PC, iPad or Smart phones.

STEP 5. Purchasing

You can choose the image you like from the online gallery.
Variety of printing products are also available, please feel free to ask us.
You can choose a payment method, PayPal, bank transfer or over-the-counter.
Please let us know after you make a bank transfer.

STEP 6. Receiving

As soon as we confirm your payment, the link to download the purchased image will be sent by e-mail.
Please click the link and download the images from your PC.